WCO - Westcott NDB

12th Mar 2003

WCO is just off the A41 in Buckinghamshire. It can be seen on the RHS if travelling Easterly towards Aylesbury at the turnoff for Westcott. It's on the site of the old Westcott Aerodrome - now a Business Park. (I got permission from security to drive in and get the closer pics.)

I used this one quite a bit for practicing NDB holds while at flying school. In fact, the day I came to photograph it, I had been there earlier in the air on one of my early Seneca training flights.

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Just off the A41 at the Westcott turnoff.

(My car there!)

Site can be seen from the A41 at the corner of the Business Park.
View #1
View #2
View #3
Aerial Elements
ID Plate
Entrance to the Business Park
View back across the Business Park from the NDB. You can see it was an old airfield. Runway?

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