STU - Strumble VOR/DME

13th March 2003

Strumble VOR/DME is situated SW of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. It takes it's name from nearby Strumble Head. It's on the edge of a field near to the coast and is accessed from a pathway from a small country road.

I took the A40 North towards Fishguard and the across onto the A487. Then followed the country roads up to STU from there.

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The pathway leading into the field. Notice the small NATS sign on the gatepost.

View #1

View #2

ID Plate
Two four-engined aircraft crossing over the beacon at high level. A 747 and a Boeing C17 Globemaster (USAF). [I'm reliably informed of the latter by one of my clever site visitors!]

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