SFD - Seaford VOR/DME

10th April 2003

Seaford VOR/DME is right on top of the cliffs at Seaford on the South Coast. It's in the middle of a golf course, surrounded by some bushes!

I took the A259 East and then drove along the Seaford coast road as far as I could and then climbed up the cliff on foot. It makes a nice walk.

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Coming into Seaford.

Drive along the coast road as far as you can go towards the cliffs.

The view back to the beach.

Careful not to fall over the cliff edge.

There are no fences!

Seaford coastline looking West from part way up the cliff.

The VOR is literally in a golf course surrounded by bushes.

You can see it on the RHS on the larger picture.

View #1

View #2

View #3


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