OX - Oxford NDB / DME / MKR

25th Feb 2003 NDB/DME

26th Apr 2003 MKR

There are seperate NDB and DME units at the Southerly end of Runway 01/19 at Oxford. These can be clearly seen as you turn off the A44 into the road running along the South of the airport..... as I did every morning while at Flying School!

Click here for DME/NDB map reference

The 75MHz fan marker is used on the 09 NDB/DME instrument procedure into Oxford, It's actually strapped to a barn at Higher Westfield Farm in Combe Village just west of the Airport. It's at 3.1 DME distance on the approach.

Click here for MKR map reference

(Click on the small images for the bigger originals)

NDB on the Left

DME on the Right

I turned 90 degs to the right and this is the view. The windsock, an aeroplane doing it's power check prior to entering Rwy 01 and the Control Tower & School in the background.
Some of Oxford Aviation Training's Aircraft lined up with the School Buildings and Tower.

One I took of the Airport and Flying School from the air.

The Beacons can be seen at the bottom end of Rwy 01 on the LHS.

75MHz Marker Beacon

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