OCK - Ockham VOR/DME

10th March 2003

OCK is in a field by Ockham Village just off the A3 SW of London. I believe it was an old airfield at one time.

From the A3 exit of the M25 heading towards Guildford and take the first left - a country lane at the end of the slip road - leading past Ockham Common. Turn towards Ockham Village by the Black Swan Pub. You can see the VOR from the road on the RHS.

I just caught these pics before the daylight ended. It was cloudy but I could hear the planes above in the hold for Heathrow.

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Oct '03: Andrew Scott wrote to me saying: "The airfield here was the test runway for the Vickers factory at Weybridge. I believe the planes built at Weybridge made the short flight here to complete their commissioning/fitting out etc. The runway is still there, as are the hard stands at the A3 (west) end. The runway is criss-crossed by bridle tracks and has Armco barriers to mark the paths, however, it not unknown for light aircraft to try and land. My wife works just by the airstrip, about 200 yards from the beacon.The old lady she works for has lived there since the 60's and remembers VC10s just missing the roof and rattling all the windows!!"

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Turn right towards Ockham Village by the Black Swan Pub...

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