LAM - Lambourne VOR/DME

27th March 2003

The VOR is situated in a field on the south west corner of Stapleford Aerodrome on the A113 in NE London/Essex area. It's near the village of Lambourne after which it's named and also the village of Abridge is nearby.

I walked all the way around the perimeter road of the airfield to get to the beacon.

I grew up in this area, going to school in nearby Chigwell. Our home was appx on the 270 radial from LAM and I can remember laying in the sunshine in our garden and seeing the Heathrow traffic leaving the beacon on vectors for the ILS approach on 27L/R.

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Entrance to Stapleford Airport on the A113

View of the flying club main buildings while walking along the perimeter taxiway/road.
View back from near the beacon across the airfield.
Pathway to the beacon
View #1
VOR Aerial Elements and DME antenna
ID Plate
Can be seen from the road at the Lambourne End turnoff on the B175

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