HEN - Henton NDB

12th Mar 2003

HEN NDB is just off the A4010 between Aylesbury and Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire. It can be seen on the LHS in a field, just along a public footpath, when travelling South on the A4010 just past the Terrick roundabout.

It's name - Henton - remained a mystery for quite a while. I couldn't find anywhere nearby called Henton! Then I got an email from Chris Nixon saying.....

"However - I noticed you couldn't fathom why Henton was so named. The hamlet of Henton itself is around 3 or 4 DME to the West of 'HEN' - just east of Chinnor and literally a few metres just into Oxfordshire (I lived there for a bit)".

Then another email on this subject: "I've just read the entry on your site relating to Henton NDB. A peculiar choice of name given, as you say, that it is about four miles from the place of the same name. Originally, the navaid at this site was a fan marker (75Mhz) and it was known as Beacon Hill after the feature of the same name in the nearby Chequers Estate. I can't remember when the name/navaid change was made, but I was an Air Traffic Control Assistant at Heathrow during the early 1970s and knew it as Beacon Hill then. I imagine that the possibility of confusion with 'Biggin Hill' was behind the renaming." Nick Richardson, Wendover, Bucks.

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Along a Public Footpath on the A4010.

(The site is just behind the little clump of trees at the back next to the path.)

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