BCN - Brecon VOR/DME

13th March 2003

Brecon VOR/DME is on the top off a hill overlooking the Rhymney Valley in South Wales. It's South East of the nearest main town - Merthyr Tydfil - and some 7miles from Brecon itself.

It was a very pretty drive up there. I took the A469 North to Rhymney and then the Fochriw turnoff. The path up the hill is labelled "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles!" There were a few other cars up there - mainly kite flying. Unfortunately, the land on the top of the ridge around the VOR seems to be used as a bit of a dumping ground by people.

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The Beautiful countryside on the way up to BCN

Fochriw turnoff on the A469

The VOR is on top of this ridge.

This is the path marked as "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles!"

(My car there)

View into the Valley below from the pathway on the drive up.
View #1

View #2

There's loads of junk around the place! Old washing machines, burned out cars etc.

View #3
ID Plate
The NATS ID Plate with the old CAA information panel above.

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