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A little about me

Living in Bristol and working in London three days a week, I have two main professional passions - Web/Internet Technology & Commercial Aviation.

I earn my living as Head of Technology for Arsenal FC's Digital Media Business but I am also the founder of Dining Solutions which provides restaurants with takeaway online ordering for their customers. In 2001/3 I took time out to train full time as an airline pilot at Oxford Aviation. It was something I had always wanted to do and I'm planning on using my licence much more fully in the future.

Socially, I love the theatre, cinema, eating out, reading, travel, museums, galleries, arty things, the Net, spending time with family and friends, pubs and bars, getting away for the weekend, music, photography, or just staying in and watching t.v. I'm interested in loads of things really; from politics & current affairs to marketing, business, science and psychology. I adore BBC Radio 4 and have a wide range of musical tastes - from Classical to Pop. When I read a paper it's likely to be the Guardian or Independent. I massively enjoy travel and don't think anything of zooming off somewhere at the drop of a hat. I'm not gym obsessed but I like to go three times a week and find it a great way to catch-up with Podcasts while keeping trim!

Slightly unusually for a gay man perhaps, I'm lucky enough to have two amazing, grown-up children (from my former marriage). My daughter Rachel graduated from University of Oxford - she read Modern History & Politics at New College - and then completed a Postgrad in International Relations at LSE, followed by an Internship at UC Davies in Sacramento. My son Sam is at University of Edinburgh in the final year studying Geography.

A few links here...

Pictures of my Grown-up Childen & Parents are here.

Pictures from Flying School 2001-03 : UK @ Oxford and USA @ Tyler, Tx

My very geeky UK Aviation Navaids Gallery

A little gay man's coming out guide which I wrote ages ago. Hey - it might be useful to someone!

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